Give the gift of “Family Togetherness” this Christmas season.
You and your children will cherish the memories for a lifetime!

There is a certain CONNECTION that we as parents and grandparents share with our children and grandchildren when we read a storybook together. We can’t put a value on moments like these, though we will cherish them forever.

Imagine if we could share with our children a special and magical journey that would last the entire Christmas season and beyond for years to come.

Imagine the ANTICIPATION of our little ones as the story draws them in, preparing them for Santa’s arrival.

Imagine the EXCITEMENT Christmas morning when you watch your little ones discover that the remarkable story they’ve been following all season long has come true before their very eyes!

When all the gifts are opened and the excitement of the day has almost passed, share one more very special family TRADITION with your children that will help Mrs. Claus ensure a successful journey for Santa next Christmas Eve.

Wrap the virtues of STORYTELLING, PREPARATION, RESPONSIBILITY, and SUSTAINABILITY into every family moment during the primary years of your child’s development.

When Santa forgets one of his reindeer’s names, Mrs.Claus discovers a “Magical Dust” solution that ensures that Santa will never forget another home on his future Christmas Eve journeys. Now Santa can dip his boots in the “Magical Dust” and leave tracks only he can see on our rooftops so that he can retrace his tracks next year! Your children will be spellbound as they follow along with this wondrous and beautifully illustrated story. They will be awestruck when they wake up on Christmas morning to find they can actually SEE and TOUCH Santa’s Magic Bootprints leading from the chimney to their gifts.